Welcome to All Weed – Weed Dispensary Shipping Worldwide.

All Weed is a well established and renowned weed store that ships weed worldwide at low cost, same day delivery depending on locations and also free shipping, same day weed delivery shop online. more so, we do weed worldwide delivery and information security is our top priority and hence buy weed online no weed card needed. Buy weed online worldwide delivery.

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How to order weed from us:

  • First, once you find us your almost all set, nest is to browse through the website and read the terms carefully mostly on the homepage
  • Nest things is to get to the shop page or better still view the categories and find what you want or better still use the search bar view shop page now
  • Select the product you want and click on it to choose the amount you want and once that’s done add the amount you want and add that to your cart
  • Lastly, on order placing,  view your cart and if all good proceed to checkout page and fill in the details and choose delivery and payment method then place order.

How to pay for your order :

  • Once your order is placed please check your email and email spam folder constantly for a company reply ensure to give us a valid email and number.
  • The email will carry your order preview and payment details of the selected payment method you initially selected to pay with read through and if ok.
  • Copy and paste payment details where needed and once your payment is done please ensure to let us know for a confirmation with a valid screenshot.
  • Please not if you don’t get an email after order ensure to get to us via email or number better still WhatsApp for payment info. Regards

What to know before buying weed from us .

No weed card needed here

Buy weed from us with no weed card and get it safely delivered to your door in no time, ALL WEED does not need weed card to get your weed to you.

24 hours delivery ( based on location)

24 hours delivery is available for almost all united states and to dome few other countries but only if you choose urgent delivery on the checkout page or 24 hours delivery.

Money back applies on all orders

This is a compulsory rule here just incase anything comes up the customer has every and full right to ask for refund through same means he/she did their payment deposit. 

videos and photos of your order is sent before shipping

The shop make available your package photos for reference and short videos for confidence this is done so only after order has been concluded and the payment deposit made.

Google verified weed shop

ALL WEED SHOP is a verified weed store online to buy weed with secured payments no fear not package risk of any kind.

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About our product Quality – Buy Quality Weed Online – Buy Weed online Best Quality 

ALL WEED stands out to be one of the highest online store with the best ever weed grades and qualities based on our past experience and customer satisfaction we have both indoor and outdoor weed sold at very affordable prices and products guaranteed as premium weed strains , this is to make the availability of weed to those who find it stressful easy, Guaranteed weed delivery dispensary.

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What is the best choice – Marijuana store near me 

The strain you choose depends on what effect you want. As earlier said, cannabis has a range of medical uses, but some strains are better for certain conditions than others.

It’s also worth researching the potential adverse effects of the strain. Many of the more common strains, which you can find below, list dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness as possible side effects. Marijuana also has the potential to interact with medications you might be taking. hence taking marijuana as a beginner needs guide from experts.

Is It possible to Buy weed online without Medical card ?

YES, but first ordering marijuana online is best done at the age of 18 years for most states and countries even though some dispensaries prefer 21 years.

Weed dispensaries online if not at all most times don’t require a card to buy weed this is so because no identity information is required on purchase procedures 

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